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The College Crest

Obtaining the blessings of Goddess “MAA AMBIKA” R.D.S. Degree Mahavidyalaya, rdsnew23, Mayurbhanj stands as a Temple of learning and a continental platform of Knowledge. The three division inside the ever expanding circle of R.D.S. Degree Mahavidyalaya, rdsnew23, Mayurbhanj display various dimensions of study provided in this institution. The open book with the lighted lamp symbolises the ever expanding knowledge and wisdom which dispels darkness and ignorance. The dense green forest indicates that the college is established in the surroundings of Similipal Biosphere and also totaly in the tribal part of Mayurbhanj........ in Odisha. The Temple symbolised the spontanious blessings of Maa Ambika for the all round development of body, mind & spirit of the Learners.

The sanskrit verse at the bottom of the circle “Satyameba Jayate” symbolises truthfulness, Knowledge, Light of wisdom and enlightment.

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