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  1. Objectives of the Guild are :
    a) To grant stipends to the needy and deserving students.
    b) To form volunteer groups at the time of natural calamities to render help to the destitutes.
  2. Finance
    a) Each student of the College contributes an annual subscription of Rs. 2/- towards the guild funds.
    b) Members of the college staff make voluntary annual contribution.
    c) High officials and public are occasionally approached to make donation towards the fund.
  3. Executive Body
    The Executive Committee consist of following members :
    i) Vice-President - nominated by the Principal from among the members of the teaching staff.
    ii) An S.S.G. Secretary elected from among the students.
    iii) An Asst. S.S.G. Secretary-elected from among the students.

  4. The Duties of Secretary are :
    i) To convene General and Executive Committee meetings.
    ii) To record the proceedings.
    iii) To organise student volunteers to raise fund for improving the financial position of the Guilds.
    iv) To work throughout to realise the objects of the Guild as laid down in (I) above.
    v) To prepare, with the help of the Vice-President, Annual report for the annual general meeting.

The Students Aid Fund

From this fund financial aid is generally granted to the needy and deserving students who are not granted such aid from other sources. Main source of this Fund is the annual subscription raised from students at the time of admission. It is controlled by the Principal and the Vice-President.

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