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  1. RDS College Athletic Association shall consist of the members of the staff and student with the Principal as the ex-officio President.

  2. The executive Council of the R.D.S. Degree Mahavidyalaya athletic Association shall consist of the following office bearers.

    a) Principal ex-officio President.
    b) Members of teaching staff nominated by Principal and on of them as Vice-President.
    c) One class representative from each class.
    d) Secretary to be elected from each class.
    e) Captain of the Football, Volley ball, Hockey, Cricket and such other, organising out door games.

  3. The Principal or his nominee will select the Captain and Vice Captain for all out door games.

    a) The tenure of office shall be for one academic session only.
    b) The Vice-President shall carry on the work in the session till the Principal nominates new Vice-President.
    c) The Captain shall continue to be the Captain till next election.

  4. Work of the Council :
    a) To consider the Budget proposed by sub-committee.
    b) General Management of the Association.

  5. Work of the Vice-President :
    a) He will be in the charge of the accounts including the ordering goods.
    b) He will be in the general superintendence of games.

  6. Works of Captain :
    a) Selection of players for friendly and competitive matches.
    b) In charge of grounds set as a part of games.
    c) He shall be responsible for organization of college games.

  7. The P.E.T. will remain in charge of stores, official records and training. He is to make necessary arrangement for the smooth conduct of sports and games activities.

  8. Yoga as a compulsory subject in curriculum as introduced in +3 level shall be tought by the physical instructor. Students of +3 streams should also avail the scope of learning/attending the classes.

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