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  1. There shall be Seminar for every existing Honours subject of study in the College. The name of which shall be “R.D.S. Degree Mahavidyalaya, rdsnew23 (Name of the Subject) Seminar”. >
  2. The main object of the Seminar shall be the pursuit and promotion of study in the subject by means of holding Seminar meeting, symposia, discussions and speechs from time to time on topics and problems relating to the subject.

  3. All students of Honours classes are ipso-facto members of the seminar. All teachers in the Subject are honoury members.

  4. The Head of Department is the Director of the Seminar. He shall guide the seminar and preside over all academic meetings and in his absence the next senior teacher present shall preside.

  5. The Seminar fee Rs. 200/- (Two hundred only) shall be collected by the respective H.O.D.s from time to time per year payable at the begnings of the year. The officer incharge of seminar shall maintain the accounts of the Seminar in collaboration with the seminar Secretary.

  6. The principal is the controller of all Seminars. He may alter, amend of abrogate any or all of these rules at his discretion.

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