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Code of Conduct


Discipline and order in your College is your credit and your image to outside world. Hence it must be your concern to maintain and help in maintaining discipline and order.


  1. Let not outside evil element tread the premises of the College.

  2. No violence, no ugly scenes, no inflghting in the college for these, destroy discipline and hold you in bad light and may compel the Principal to take disciplinary measures.

  3. Don’t commit crime report crimes to the principal in confidence. You will be respected and you won’t be exposed.

  4. Carrying category of weapons explosives are strictly prohibited.

  5. Attendance at public meetings particularly public meetings that are anathema to Government of the day should be done with prior permission of the President of the College Governing Body or the Principal (Act 115 to Orissa Edn. Code).

  6. Conduct inside the College building :
    a) Do not scribble, paste placard / posters on the College Walls.
    b) Do not spit on the walls, floor, pillars or doors.
    c) Do not throw stones at the glass/asbestos sheets.
    d) Do not tamper with the electric fittings.
    e) As per Govt. instruction at the time of College Election, one general Hoarding depicting Name, Class, post for which one contests will be prepared by the College with the supervision of Advisor College Union & +3 Cultural Association for which a fee of Rs. 50/- shall be collected from the candidates of valid nominations. So questions of affixing Banners, Pamphlets and posters in side College Campus does not arise. If it is found than the concerned candidates will be penalised.

  7. Conduct inside Principal’s office, class rooms and College corridor :
    a) Do not (i) make the building untidy, (ii) ride your cycles on the verandah or inside the college building, (iii) smoke while you are inside the campus, (iv) disturb the arrangements of seats and bring out table, chairs for your personal use from the class rooms, (v) be late to a class.
    b) Inside your Principal’s office, do never enter Principal’s office at any time and every time for any-thing and everything as the Principal has to attend to so many problems of admission. The College student meet the Principal at any time (In case of emergency)

  8. Know your Common room, keep it neat and clean do not quarrel or be aggressive.

  9. Inside Library :
    (a) Borrow books from the library on your library day, stand in queue to get your books.
    (b) do not argue ar misbehave with your librarians or any other employee,
    (c) do not talk loudly near the library counter,
    (d) damaging the books and journals will be seriously viewed along with due punishment.

  10. Inside your laboratory do not disobey your teacher or Demonstrator.

  11. Do not misbehave or indulge in any violent clash with each other in any game or sports.

  12. Do not enter the Staff Common Room at your own sweet will. Insulting any staff of the College in the class room, inside the campus or outside will be considered a serious crime.

  13. While travelling in the buses, do not quarrel or indulge in violent actions. Always keep the Identity Card with you.

  14. For any breach of discipline concerned student(s) will be reprimanded or punished by a fine or by expulsion or rustication or be detained or weeded out as is deemed proper.

  15. All the students of the College are required to come in “Uniform” without which a fine of Rs. 5/- will be imposed per day. Teachers are to required to watch that every student attends the classes in uniform.

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